07 April 2011

6th April 2011 - Sawtell

Still at Sawtell.
Went to Dorrigo on Saturday. There is no doubt that many of our small villages are picture perfect. I guess that we all forget to take a really deep look at wherever we live, because if we did we might just find that there is bugger all to complain about.

Many years ago a work friend and I shared the passion of just getting out there and exploring. One Monday morning, he asked me where I had been on the week-end and I replied “Just popped up to Lithgow, and if they ever give the World an enema, I know where they’ll insert the tube” Brian’s sage response has stayed with me wherever I go “You didn’t look hard enough. Over 10,000 people choose to live there, and most could find work elsewhere if they wished- but they don’t. They’ve looked, and found more than you!” Interesting viewpoint.

The road to Dorrigo is very steep, and very skinny. I’d tow a small van up (or down), but certainly not our 22 footer. But, we were followed up the climb by a big low loader (empty) and he seemed to have no problems.

We spent some time at the local markets and came away with lots of really fresh local vegies, plus some chilli beetroot relish.

Followed this with a visit to the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre – what a magnificient place. One of those ‘walk out at treetop level boardwalks’ that opens up a view across half of Australia (or so it seemed). Numerous walks from short and simple, to long and arduous – including one that takes you under and behind a waterfall.

After lunch in the rainforest cafe, we ventured forth to find the little village of Cascade. Our eldest, Scott, had stayed there on a school excursion some 35 years ago – gee, he must be getting a bit old now!

Stopped along the way to look at waterfalls, as you do. Amazing how we all seem drawn to the sound and look of falling water – seems to invoke contradictory feeling of power, yet serenity. It should be noted that these feelings are replaced by totally different ones if the bloody water is falling on you when you want to go somewhere!
Came across a street sign: “Considering Ground Road”. Wonder where that name popped up? Imagine the conversation......

“I was wondering Jimmy, if we could buy a new ‘widget’?
“Well, Susie, I might need to consider that”
“Aaah, okay, Jimmy, when did you wanna do this ‘considerin’?”
“How about this evenin’ Suze”
Later, that evening.
“Hey, Susie, this considering ground is good – lots of folks here just sorting out things”
“Have you considered enough yet Jimmy?”
"Nearly there Susie, just a moment. ...... there, all considered ........ what colour widget would you like?”
At Anna Bay we had a Koala in our little patch of paradise, then a Kookaburra at Seal Rocks – here at Sawtell we have a huge Goanna that just wanders around like he owns the place – I’m not going to tell him otherwise.

Our neighbour went to use the public toots at Park Beach and upon entering, found a large carpet snake was just leaving – maybe the same one her hubby nearly stepped on when he stopped at a local roadside banana stall.
Yesterday we did a bit of local exploring – drove up to Red Rock, Corindi, and Arrawarra for a look at the local van parks – all look real good and have been added to our llllooooooooonggg list of potential places to stay awhile. Followed this with a bit of dirt roading in the hinter land, and finished off the day at the Butterfly Farm.

Stuck inside today because of rain. It normally buckets down at night, but clears up for the day – well, today was different.

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