12 October 2009

2-12 October, Gympie - Brisbane

We arrived in Gympie early in the afternoon on Friday. The road into Gympie wasn’t too bad, bit rock & rolly. there was lots of road works near the Caravan park and the address in molly (GPS) wasnt the right one. After we set up we went into the info centre, drove around the streets, lovely old Queenslanders, very very hilly. Over the next few days we went for a drive around Imbil, - Kenilworth to cheese factory, and the other smaller villages around there. We called into the Mary River "Stop the dam" protest information centre and bought a sticker for the car and got a copy of the protest letters to stop the dam. It doesnt make sense to build a dam where they plan to. One afternoon we met up with a couple that we met on the forum and had coffee at their home.

Another day we went on the valley rattler. Wonderful old train, goes from Gympie to Imbil, stopping at Kandanga for some small markets, then to Imbil for 2 hours, where we had lunch and they had more markets. On the way back the train stopped at Dagan and there was wine and cheese tasting, bought some chocolate port and mango slush.

Monday we left for Brisbane and arrived at Morse's place 12 ish, and put the van up the side of their house then spent the afternoon with her. Russ came home from work and we had champagne before going to Scott’s.

Ian’s birthday Tuesday. We visited Scott’s new house and viewed from the outside. Jordie and Lachie came after school to help celebrate Ian's birthday; Jordan is nearly as tall as Ian now.

Wednesday we visited Ann and Harrison. A little fatty he is and a beautiful boy. And Annie is a natural born 'Mum'. Thursday evening we went into South Bank to a Turkish restaurant and met with Jane and Jason for dinner, then went for a walk around South Bank. It has changed since we were there last.

Shopping day on Friday with Karen, Emma, Matthew, Moureen and we went to North Lakes. Ian went for a massage at Albany Creek. Lovely day, Morse and Karen know where the bargains are.

On Satuday Scott picked the boys up to spend the day with us. We went to Brett’s Wharf and onto the city cat to South Bank. Had lunch then a walk around, although the guys made sure we missed the markets that were set up. Back on the city cat and to New Farm Park. What a great park, it also has a banyan tree like Maryborough, but much bigger and with walkways built around for the kids to climb on, plus a big rope puzzle for climbing. There were lots of people in the park, playing drums, hurling, soccer, and having parties. Late afternoon we jumped on the city cat, back to the car at Brett’s wharf and home. Curry night tonight and Moureen and Russell came over. Lovely night, we all ate and drank too much.

Gael and I went back to North Lakes to change some of Scott's birthday present. The lady was very vocal about my having destroyed the shirts by taking the price tag off them. It rained today and they really need it here. Scott and Ian watched the Bathurst race while we went shopping.

Monday we got up early to say goodbye to Scott and co, 6:45am - yawn. We packed the car with all our stuff and went to Morse to get the van. Coffee and cake with Morse and left Brissie time 9:45, (NSW time 10:45), stopping for lunch at Ballina. The road out of Brisbane was good via the gateway. Into Iluka and picked out our site on the water. We had some trouble parking as there was a shed opposite which wouldn’t allow Ian to swing properly. Power finally on at 4.00 NSW time. Bit windy here, so Ian has tied the awning down securely. Light dinner as we have done nothing but eat and drink all week. We met a couple here that we were next to at Agnes Waters and had drinks with them beside the water, they are leaving tomorrow.

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